SheinImporter helps make starting a profitable dropshipping business easier for everyone.

Here’s what you can do with SheinImporter.


Import products from Shein and Aliexpress

In just 1 click upload any product from Shein and Aliexpress to your store, complete with title, description, high resolution images, prices, tags, item categories etc.

Update data automatically

Sync inventory quantity and pricing automatically. Get more free time for other parts of your business.

Different variants prices

Import individual prices, SKUs, and images for each variant and select exactly which variants you prefer to import in your store.


About SheinImporter

Are you a Shopify dropshipper seeking the best tools to help you grow your sales and maximize your revenue? Then you should try SheinImporter, the app that enables you to maximize the opportunities offered by Shein and Aliexpress, one of the biggest e-retailers in the world for dropshipping products.


SheinImporter is developed for Shopify store owners that are using Shein and Aliexpress as their main dropshipping source.

It allows you to easily create your own profitable business with a single click, offering several unique advantages over other dropshipping import apps.


One of the most desirable features of the SheinImporter is that, all characteristics of the imported products are automatically imported to the store.

Besides importing products information with the app, you can enable price and stock monitoring. That means if price or item stock quantity changed in Shein or Aliexpress then it will automatically update in Shopify.


Another unique feature is that you do not need to install chrome extension in the app to import product unlike other similar apps.

Also, SheinImporter prices are more comfortable, flexible and lower than the other apps’ prices. For instance, A basic plan on the platform is free.


Moreover, SheinImporter allows the formulation of different prices. quantities and stock-keeping units for every product separately.


To make import products from Shein and Aliexpress to Shopify, install the app on your Shopify store or visit app.sheinimporter.com

Click on the app icon on your dashboard and then select 'import new product’.

Choose your preferable product from the website and copy the product's url to the import space on the app.

Install SheinImporter today to grow your dropshipping business!

Chose the best one

Our Pricing Plans

SheinImporter offers three types of plans.

Below you can find the features that each plan has to offer.


Basic features, product and reviews import

$0/ month

Product limit: 20 product

Monitoring limit: 0 products

SKU per variant

Price per variant

Quantity per variant

Image per variant

Change option names

go Free


Has almost all features, most popular plan for dropshippers

$19.99/ month

Product limit: 500 product

Monitoring limit: 100 products

SKU per variant

Price per variant

Quantity per variant

Image per variant

Change option names

go Standard


Premium plan with all available features

$39.99/ month

Product limit: 10,000 product

Monitoring limit: 1,000 products

SKU per variant

Price per variant

Quantity per variant

Image per variant

Change option names

go Premium

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